Sam’s chicks escape and as he rounds them up he hears ghostly noises coming from Holdgate Farm. Frightened, he confides in Emily, and they set off together to investigate the mysterious sounds. With Marlon nowhere to be found, Emily thinks she knows who may be responsible for the noises coming from the empty house. When Emily finds Marlon locked in the attic he is clearly disturbed. She tells him how she felt when Butch died and it looks as if she's getting through to him when Alan arrives and insists Marlon lets them in, which is the worst possible thing he could have done. Still intent on bedding Danny, Val visits him at the Antiques Barn with plenty of cleavage on display and a host of leading innuendos up her sleeve. Clearly perturbed by Val's advances Danny even tries to engage poisonous Chloe in conversation. After work Danny goes to the pub and finds Val extremely hard to avoid. Paul and Siobhan, who know exactly what Val is up to, leave him in the lurch. It is only Len’s timely arrival that allows him a chance to escape, but not before Val corners him. At breakfast, Victoria tells her dad that she saw Donna and Robert leave the house together before breakfast. Jack is not impressed and goes to the garage to give Robert a piece of his mind. After an angry exchange father and son talk things over that evening and Robert agrees to act more responsibly. That evening, however, Katie and Andy spot Donna arriving at Jack's back door. Katie tells Andy that she's convinced Robert is just using Donna. When will Andy begin to wonder why his new wife is down on his brother?


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