Viv’s sharp tongue catches up with her as she manages to fall out with Emily, who tells her she's mean spirited, Chas, who she fires, and Donna, who decides to move out. To start at the beginning Emily gets extremely cross and decides not to speak to Viv after she says with her usual sensitivity that Marlon has lost his marbles and should pull himself together. Chas gets the boot when her staff appraisal turns into a slanging match with Viv and Donna decides to leave home after Viv confronts her about sleeping with Robert. Val turns up at the Antiques Barn again determined to get her man, and even gets as far as unbuttoning Danny’s shirt this time. Rodney returns to the shop and having seen Val on his way out earlier assumes the mature man-eater has been hanging around to see him. In the pub at lunchtime, the ageing lothario confides in Danny that he will have to put Val straight although he hates to disappoint a woman. That evening Danny's in the pub again and Paul wonders whether Danny's feeling jealous as he watches Val chat up another punter. After Viv and Jack have found out about Katie and Robert sleeping together behind their backs, the young couple decide to move out of their respective family homes. When Donna says it would be great to live together Robert does not look best pleased, but when she says that Katie and Andy are looking for a lodger his face lights up and he phones his brother immediately, who promptly to them moving in. That evening Katie confronts Robert and asks him what he's playing at. He tells her that he's over her and she should get on with being married to his brother.


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