Val’s efforts to snare young Danny pay off as she invites him to ‘share a bite’ with her one lunchtime. Her many visits to the Antiques Barn have also attracted Rodney’s attention. Assuming that Val’s sudden interest in antiques means an interest in him, Rodney, scared that Diane may find out, tells Val to back off. He later changes his tune and invites her out to dinner with the promise of an extra special dessert. When she turns up at the barn again and Rodney mentions the date, Danny learns that he’s not the only person Val is planning to enjoy ‘a bite’ with. Dawn and Terry celebrate their first wedding anniversary and Terry, having passed an aptitude test for a job with a bank in Leeds, is feeling more positive about things than he has in a long while. There is shadow hanging over their happiness though, as the growing sexual tension between Dawn and Scott in the office at Home Farm threatens to undermine Dawn's marriage. As they celebrate their anniversary in the pub with Bob and Viv, Scott looks on with a thoughtful look on his face. Syd confides in Paul that Chloe is extremely high maintenance. In an attempt to prove to her that he can be spontaneous Syd arranges a surprise weekend away together. When he tells Chloe about it she is not pleased with his newfound spontaneity and tells him that she may have to go to France with Rodney on business that weekend. When she learns that Rodney's talk of a trip away was just to wind up Nicola, Chloe is livid but tells Syd she can go away with him after all. Unfortunately Syd has cancelled the tickets and storms off to The Woolpack when Chloe has another go at him.


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