When Tom goes to give Holdgate Farm the once over before agreeing to buy the place from Zoe, he hears Marlon moving about up in the attic and goes to investigate. Tom's son Jimmy is all for breaking the door down and evicting Marlon on the spot but fortunately Emily arrives and explains Marlon's situation to Tom, who agrees to give her twenty four hours to get Marlon out of there. Unfortunately for Emily, Marlon says the attic is his and is showing no signs of wanting to budge. Val enjoys a night of passion with Danny and their secret is nearly out when Laurel brings Val a morning cuppa. Danny dives under the bed just in time to ensure things remain secret for the time being at least. At lunchtime Rodney has a little surprise for Val, who later shows Siobhan some very expensive looking jewellery. Elsewhere in the village, Simon has bought Nicola a ring and it looks as if he may be proposing to her without actually coming out and saying it. At the hospital, Debbie is upset to learn from Charity that if baby Noah’s health improves she will have to go back to prison sooner rather than later. Debbie is adamant that Charity must keep Noah and not give her new brother up for adoption. Zak, meanwhile waits on the paternity test results and remains convinced that the baby is his grandson.


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