With only hours to get Marlon down from the attic before Tom sends in Jimmy, Emily is at her wits end until she discovers a package at the shop for Tricia. The video tape of Tricia's Bollywood blockbuster contained in the package has an amazing effect on Marlon, who insists on going to see the film immediately. When Marlon watches the tape and discovers that Tricia is not in the film he begins to question whether she actually existed and runs off to the church to confront God. Finding that God is unavailable he has to make do with Ashley who is clearly disturbed by Marlon's state of mind. Charity is shocked when the doctor tells her that baby Noah has been taken seriously ill. He is diagnosed with Necrotising Entercolitis, a condition that is not uncommon with premature babies. The doctor explains that Noah may need surgery and despite the doctor telling her to try and remain positive Charity demands to know what Noah's chances of survival are. The doctor tells her that Noah only has a 50/50 chance of pulling through. Black sheep of the King family Carl has been kicked out by his wife, the long-suffering Colleen, and has spent the night in his car. When brother Jimmy discovers him he lectures him on his marital responsibilities and tells him to tell his dad about the mess his marriage is in. Flushed with the success of taking Holdgate Farm off Zoe’s hands, Tom is still not prepared to let his son off the hook and tells him to think of his children, but he does agree to let him the spend the night in the newly purchased farmhouse.


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