Ashley and Ethan have their work cut out for them when an enraged and desperate Marlon decides to put God to the test, the Dingles keep a vigil at Noah's bedside, and Shadrach and Sam receive a nasty surprise when they try to connect with their new neighbours.


Marlon holds God responsible for Tricia’s death and Ashley and Ethan have their work cut out as they try to calm him down and help him come to terms with his loss. After a long night of anguish and theological debate the two clerics help Marlon to see things in a more positive light and he is able to leave the vicarage with Paddy and Emily. When Emily tries to comfort Marlon he rejects the arm she puts around him and becomes angry with himself. It is clear that it is going to take a long time before Marlon is his old self again. When Tom and his sons Jimmy and Carl take possession of Holdgate Farm they discover that new neighbours the Dingles have been helping themselves to their electricity. Returning from The Woolpack, Shadrach and Sam are in for a shock when their house is plunged into darkness. When they go to investigate they discover Jimmy and Carl, armed with a frying pan, waiting for them. The Kings also discover Marlon's shrine in the attic and Tom, having lost his own wife, forbids Carl from chucking out Marlon's stuff. When Lisa and Debbie arrive at the hospital they find Charity looking very worried as she waits for news from the doctor about Noah’s condition. Debbie doesn’t make things any easier for Charity by insisting on calling Cain’s prison on her mobile to tell him about the baby's health. When the nurse returns Charity's worst fears are confirmed as the nurse tells her that Noah has not responded to treatment and will need to undergo surgery.


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