After Ashley tells Marlon that Gabby is all the family he needs now, Marlon rushes straight to the hospital to see baby Noah, having resolved to raise the child as his own. As Marlon and Charity look at Noah ahead of the poor little chap's operation, who should arrive but Cain. Undaunted by Cain's threats, Marlon tells Charity that he would like to adopt Noah if he makes it through the operation. With two of Noah's potential fathers present, Zak arrives with the paternity test results. With all the Dingles present they are in for a huge shock when Chris Tate is revealed as Noah's father. After a drunken night boasting about their illustrious ancestors, Edna and Pearl eagerly rush round to see Jarvis the following morning to urge him to make haste with his historical research on t’interweb. Jarvis is in for a shock when he discovers that Edna's grandmother, Florence Taylor, ‘the rose of the dales’, did in fact hobnob with royalty but in a professional capacity, as brothel owner. With Edna eager to share the fruits of Jarvis’ research he opts to tell the moral guardian of the village that her grandmother was on the stage. When an official looking letter marked ‘private’ arrives for Donna, Viv is curious and Donna makes herself scarce as soon as she opens it. When Robert finds her sat alone in the café he asks her whether she fancies joining him at lunchtime for a quick tumble. Donna tells Robert she's not in the mood and there's more to relationships than just sex. When Robert flippantly asks what's bothering Donna she storms out without revealing the contents of the mystery letter.


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