When Marlon returns from the hospital disappointed that Chris was baby Noah’s father, Paddy feels obliged to tell Zoe the news. Zoe sets off to the hospital to see her nephew. However, when the nurse goes to find Charity, Zoe's nerve fails her and she leaves. When the nurse later mentions to Charity that Zoe had been to the hospital, Charity says to baby Noah, who's condition seems to be improving, that perhaps her luck is beginning to change. Meanwhile, Debbie tries in vain to convince Zak that Noah remains a Dingle and should be brought up by the family. After finding Jarvis somewhat cagey about his research into Edna’s family history, Pearl tries to wheedle some more details out of Laurel. Laurel remains tight-lipped and Pearl sets off to the café to do some research on the web. She soon makes the same discovery about Edna's grandmother that Jarvis made. When she rushes round to share her juicy piece of antique gossip with Len and Jarvis they take the wind out of her sails by telling her that Edna would never be able to live it down if the truth about her grandmother become common knowledge in the village. Over a pint in The Woolpack, Robert mentions to Andy that Donna has been acting strangely. Andy suggests she might be pregnant. Robert says they’ve been careful, most of the time and a seed of doubt is sown in his mind. Meanwhile, Donna returns from the doctor in a state and goes to talk to her mum. Viv is ridden with shame when Donna confesses that she has caught a sexually transmitted disease: Chlamydia. Desperate to learn more about the disease Viv decides that the café is closing early and kicks everyone out so she can look up chlamydia on the web in privacy.


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