When Lisa visits Charity at the hospital, Charity gives her some polaroids of baby Noah to give to Zoe. When Lisa takes them to Home Farm she receives a very frosty reception. Zoe is not interested in Lisa's attempts to make peace and throws the baby pictures in the bin. Over a drink with Ashley, she tells the vicar that she believes Charity is trying to manipulate her. When Zak arrives at The Woolpack and calls her ‘Auntie Zoe’ a major slanging match breaks out. Zoe later retrieves the photos from the bin and goes to see the baby. Charity pleads with her to bring up the baby before he is adopted. Ethan worries that Debbie is being forgotten in the Dingle mess, and expresses his concerns to Ashley. Ashley is not convinced that 'action vicar' Ethan's decision to intervene is for the best. Ethan also speaks to Emily who assures him that the Dingles always look after their own. Ethan later finds Debbie in the café and asks if she can help him with some grave rubbings for the historical society. Debbie does not take kindly to this suggestions and replies that she doesn’t want to spend her time with a bunch of ‘old gimmers’ and this includes vicars. Donna is still acting strangely and Robert is convinced she is pregnant. As she tries to convince Robert she's not pregnant, Pearl and Edna overhear them and begin to wonder. Robert later confronts Donna and asks if she is pregnant. Donna reluctantly tells them that she has caught an STD and that they will both need to inform their sexual partners in case they have passed the infection on. Robert's indignation that Donna has given him an infection turns to horror as he realises he may have passed the infection to Katie.


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