With Noah on the mend, Charity faces up to a return to prison. As Charity waits for the van to take her back to jail, Zoe discusses Noah's adoption with her solicitor. With the prison van waiting Zoe makes Charity an offer she hopes she won’t be able to refuse – adoption of baby Noah and a trust fund to be set up for Debbie. There's only one thing missing from the agreement though and with no promise that Zoe will provide the testimony that will set Charity free, her offer is turned down flat and it looks as if Zoe will have to say goodbye to her nephew. Katie is surprised to find that Robert is not happy to hear that Donna is not pregnant. When Robert tells her that Donna has chlamydia and that he may have passed the infection to her she is horrified as she realises she may have passed it on to Andy. Both of them face an anxious two-week's wait to discover whether or not they have the infection. Katie also faces the prospect of explaining to Andy why she won’t sleep with him as she waits for the test results to come through. Siobhan is determined to have her revenge after she learns that Viv has been gossiping about her and Paul being swingers. When she confronts Viv in the shop, the gossipy shopkeeper denies it and Siobhan invites the Hopes to dinner. As they get ready she instructs Paul to flirt with Viv and Viv does the same with Bob. With neither Siobhan nor Viv wanting to crack first, Bob and Paul are made to feel very uncomfortable as their wives up the ante. Just as the two of them try to make their escape Viv whips off her skirt and the evening comes to an abrupt end as Siobhan threatens to tell the whole village that the Hopes are a pair of wife-swappers.


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