Zoe receives confirmation of the paternity test results and resolves to make sure she gets custody of Noah by making Charity an offer she believes she will not be able to refuse. She instructs her solicitor that she will agree to change her testimony at Charity's appeal in return for custody of the child, but there is another condition too which Charity discovers when Zoe goes to visit her at the hospital. In exchange for Zoe changing her testimony Charity must give up Noah, and, waive all rights to the Tate Estate. Zoe gives Charity one night to think it over. Robert offers Katie a lift to the STD clinic, she accepts but insists this doesn’t mean that she wants to spend time with him. On their return from the clinic he reminds her that she once told him she loved him. Katie says she didn’t mean it. Later over a coffee in the café Robert tells Andy that Donna’s still being a moody cow. Of course Viv overhears this and has a go at Robert, accusing him of passing an STD onto Donna. Viv then throws Robert and Andy out. Later Katie has to make her excuses when Andy suggests an early night. As Lisa and Debbie prepare a welcome home party for Cain, Zak returns alone and tells them Cain won’t be coming because he’s still inside after hitting a screw. As Debbie’s face, drops Cain steps from behind the door. Zak’s joke goes down like a lead balloon with Debbie. When Debbie later suggests that Cain comes to the hospital to see the baby she is upset to learn that Cain shares Zak’s views on the ‘Tate’ baby. Debbie storms off leaving Cain to plot some trouble for Scott with Zak. That evening in the pub the Dingles intimidate Scott with some less than subtle threats.


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