Charity is in for a shock when she visits Noah at the hospital. Zoe is there and tells her this is the last time she will be able to see the baby. When Charity says she intends to carry on coming to visit anyway Zoe threatens to go back on her part of the deal and refuse to change her testimony. As Charity leaves she has a last look back through the window at her son and the enormity of what she's done weighs heavily on her. Zoe later tells Ashley that she's adopting Charity's baby and the vicar is puzzled by how this could have come about. After a freezing cold night spent on top of a pile of rocks, on a snowy cricket pitch, in fear of imminent death Scott is not in the best of spirits when half the village gathers to see Viv and Bob rescue him from his sorry plight. His day doesn’t improve either when his mum takes him back to the café to warm up. He is soon confronted by an angry Dawn, who wants to know why she was stood up yesterday. When he tries to explain Dawn refuses to believe that the Dingles kidnapped him. Still angry Dawn goes for a drink with Terry. When Terry suggests a holiday Dawn snaps at him. She tells him that a holiday is not the solution to their marital problems. Terry presses her to reveal what these problems are. Terry is stunned when Dawn tells him that things are so bad she arranged to sleep with another man. With Scott standing in the bar, Terry soon works out who with. It looks as if a huge confrontation is about to break out when Bob gets Terry and Dawn out of the bar. A heart broken Terry tells Dawn the age difference between them has ruined their marriage before walking out. When Dawn returns home to talk to Terry he is waiting with her bags packed.


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