The morning after chucking Dawn out Terry sets about trying to save his marriage. His first port of call is The Woolpack where he warns Scott to keep away from his wife. Scott claims it was Dawn who came onto him and to make matters worse he taunts Terry by suggesting he can’t expect Dawn to be faithful when he obviously can’t satisfy her himself. Terry sees red and takes a swing at Scott but is left humiliated when he misses. When Dawn returns home Terry is in for a nasty shock when she informs him it's over and she's going to her mum's in Spain. Terry says he won’t let her take T.J. with her. After playing a practical joke on brother Jimmy, Carl gets his comeuppance when Jimmy rings Carl's wife Colleen and asks her to come to Emmerdale to see what Carl's up to. Colleen arrives in just as Carl is about to take Louise out for the day. Colleen puts Louise in the picture regarding Carl's marital status. Louise learns that Colleen is his wife and the two kids sat in the car are Carl's. Colleen warns Louise that Carl's explanations are more imaginative than The Lord of the Rings, but he doesn’t get a chance to explain as Louise gives him a hefty slap. When a large bouquet of roses from Rodney arrives at The Woolpack for Val she has to invent a mystery man in Hotten to satisfy Diane’s curiosity. Things get more complicated when Rodney invites her out. Having arranged to meet Danny she lies and tells Rodney she's spending the afternoon with Siobhan. When Rodney sees Siobhan in the shop later he is naturally suspicious. Val also has some explaining to do when Danny finds some jewellery he recognises from the Antiques Barn in Val's room. Realising Rodney must be serious about Val he asks her to break it off with his boss.


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