When Dawn takes TJ to see Terry he's hopeful they’ll be able to sort out their problems, but with Dawn adamant she's taking TJ to Spain the couple have another bitter row. When Dawn threatens to leave the country and not return Terry seeks legal advice and learns Dawn cannot take TJ out of the country without his consent. When Terry warns Dawn she won’t be able to take TJ without his say-so, she promises to bring him back. This is not good enough for Terry who calls the police to make sure she can’t leave with the baby. Dawn is furious and tells Terry he’ll never get access to TJ Rodney is full of the joys of spring and he tells Danny that the reason he is so cheerful is that he's booked himself the holiday of a lifetime; wine tasting in California. Val is also delighted when Rodney invites her to come with him. Danny is delighted too when he tells Val that Rodney will be out of the country for two weeks and they have the Antiques Barn to themselves. Over a drink with confidante Siobhan, Val realises that it's time she made her mind up. She eventually decides that Rodney is the man for her. After finding himself out of his depth during his interview with the King brothers, Sam is very down, but Zak is convinced that with his skills in tact and diplomacy he can get Sam his old job on the bins back. When Zak and Sam turn up on the King's doorstep they are put out when Jimmy asks them to go round to the business entrance. Zak launches into a long spiel about how Sam deserves his job back. Carl has to tell him to shut up and informs him that they’ve already decided to give Sam the job.


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  • First appearance of PC Mike Swirling. He would go on to become one of the most prolific and longest-running recurring characters on the show.
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