When Siobhan urges Val to act on her decision to finish with Danny things don’t go to plan. When Val visits Danny at work he has only one thing on his mind. The amorous pair enjoy a passionate kiss and arrange to meet up later. Unfortunately for Danny he has forgotten that his CCTV equipment is recording everything. Later, when two light-fingered pensioners take advantage of Danny's absence and walk away with some antiques figurines, Danny has a lot of explaining to do when he returns to work to find Rodney looking at the CCTV footage. Rodney grabs Danny by the throat and pins him up against the wall. Danny is at a loss to understand Rodney's violent reaction to what he's seen, but eventually the pair realise that Val has been two-timing them and set off to have a word with her. Once they catch up with her the two men end up turning on each other and Rodney punches Danny to the ground. As most of the village looks on Danny gives Rodney a taste of his own medicine. When Diane arrives, with Jack who stops the fight, she is horrified to learn that Rodney's been sleeping with Val. She orders Val inside and gives Rodney a severe tongue lashing. Marlon shows Alan a thank you letter he has received from the family of Carrie, the girl who received Tricia’s donated heart. Alan realises that this is the same girl that he read about in a local newspaper - she is a swimmer and has started to train again following her transplant op. He shows the article to Marlon who becomes curious to learn more about Carrie. However, when Emily finds Marlon reading Alan's newspaper article, Marlon pretends he's reading the football results.


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