Still a bit battered and bruised Rodney and Danny are able to put their fight behind them and over a brandy Rodney hands the keys to the Antiques Barn back to Danny. Val is in for a shock when she arrives at Rodney's, hoping to convince him to take her to California, and finds Danny there. Rodney is in no mood to listen to Val's excuses and things turn ugly when Val threatens to tell Diane about the affair they had when he was married to Diane. Rodney is outraged and says he will not be blackmailed. Rodney calls Val's bluff and rushes round to see Diane and confess all about his affair. Val chases after him and the two compete with one another to tell their version of the sordid tale, until Diane hollers at them to shut up. Diane listens to Rodney's side of the story before kicking him out and when Val has had her say Diane tells her to pack her bags and get out of her life for good. Val realises that Diane really means it and makes for the door in tears. Marlon continues to act secretively about his interest in Carrie, trying to keep what he's up to hidden from Paddy and Emily. He phones the newspaper and asks for her number pretending to be an old friend of hers. He eventually finds the right number after going through the numbers in the phone book. When he dials the number he gets the answer phone and hangs up. Robert puts the cat among the pigeons after he runs into his brother at Home Farm. Learning that Andy is interested in buying his farm from Zoe, Robert rushes off to tell Katie about it. When Andy returns home Katie is furious that she's not been consulted about buying the place. Eventually she realises she's overreacted and apologises. When Andy suggests they go to the bank together to ask about borrowing some money Katie has to make her excuses because she has to go to the clinic to pick up her STD results. Andy is upset, thinking that she doesn’t care about his big plans.


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