Val returns to the pub after a night at Siobhan’s hoping that the dust will have settled. How wrong can a woman be? Diane has her sister's bags packed ready for her. Unable to return to Siobhan's, Val turns up on Jack’s doorstep. When Jack returns he tells Val that he understands why Diane threw her out but his good nature gets the better of him and he agrees to let Val stay. When Jack breaks the news to Diane she is livid and goes to confront her sister at Jack's. Diane is not happy when Jack tells her she is overreacting. Katie is in a foul mood as the day for her STD test results arrives. When Robert offers her a lift she doesn’t want anything to do with him but later she allows him to take her and they both confess how scared they are about the consequences of a positive result. When they are both given the all clear they both breathe a huge sigh of relieve and briefly hold hands. Robert later reminds Katie that he loves her. She tells him she feels the same way too. When Robert tells Donna that he wasn’t responsible for her chlamydia infection she feels extremely uncomfortable. Marlon continues to act secretively and takes his interest in Carrie a step further when he visits her home. He doesn’t have the courage to knock on the door but sits outside her house until she appears. When a car pulls up outside and she emerges he looks as if he's going to approach her but then backs away. When she asks him whether she can help he says no and walks away.


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