News of Edna’s unlikely family history becomes village gossip, helped in no small part by the woman herself. For every high-minded moral pronouncement she makes, someone quietly whispers about her grandmother's occupation. When Viv shares the latest morsel of local news with Pearl, Pearl realises it's time Edna was put in the picture. When Jarvis tells her the truth in The Woolpack, Edna believes she is being wound up and accuses Jarvis of telling scandalous lies. Despite telling Robert that she still loves him, Katie is more determined than ever to try and make her marriage to his brother work. She gives him her support in his plan to buy the farm and the couple enjoy making up in the shower together. Afterwards, while Andy is dressing, Robert kisses Katie passionately and tells her that he wants to be with her. Meanwhile, Donna apologises profusely to Robert for believing he passed an STD onto her when her infection came from another man. Donna tells a dismayed Robert how much she loves him. Still livid, Diane goes to the Antiques Barn to confront Rodney about his past relationship with Val. He tells her that he can’t justify his actions but has always regretted what happened. To make herself feel better, Diane smashes an expensive vase. Meanwhile, Jack remains caught between a rock and a hard place as Val asks him to have a word with Diane for her. Diane is no mood for listening to anything that Val has to say and believes that Val has now got her claws into Jack.


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