Ashley attempts the impossible by trying to comfort Edna over the rumours about her grandmother's shady past. Edna is not best pleased when Ashley suggests that the rumours may not be slanderous. Edna later confronts Pearl and makes her feel awful for enjoying the news about her grandmother. With Pearl in tears, Jarvis feels it's his duty to go and talk to Edna. Jarvis is frustrated by Edna's holier than thou attitude and shows her the newspaper article. He leaves her, warning her not to turn her back on the memory of a grandmother who loved her. Jack and Diane have a row about Val’s continued presence at Jack's and Jack accuses Diane of overreacting to something that happened years ago. Diane has a chat with Louise and tells her she is annoyed by Jack's suggestion that she still has feelings for Rodney. Louise gets Diane to admit that Rodney still gets to her but tells her she must reassure Jack that he's the man for her. Diane goes round to collect Val. She tells Jack she's taking Val off his hands for the sake of their relationship. Diane tells Val that things are going to be very different when she returns to The Woolpack. When Robert keeps sending Katie text messages she goes to the garage to confront him. The couple end up going round in circles talking about their future. When Robert later returns to the farm and finds Katie crying he tells her he's moving out. Katie can’t bear to watch him go and they end up in bed together. Robert has a plan for their future and tells Katie she must leave Andy and then once everything dies down she can be with him. The couple cling to each other knowing the price of their happiness will be a high one.


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