When Alan and Emily sit down with Marlon, to discuss planting a tree as a memorial to Tricia, it is clear Marlon's mind is elsewhere. Marlon is thinking about Carrie once again. As Marlon makes his way to her house Alan confides in Emily that he told Marlon about Carrie. Knowing how strangely Marlon has been acting Emily fears the worst. When Marlon returns home in better spirits and tells Emily how he helped Carrie pick up her shopping and how fate brought them together Emily is deeply concerned about her friend's state of mind. In The Woolpack, Pearl attempts to get back on speaking terms with Edna, but her reminiscences about her time as a brothel receptionist are not exactly what Edna wants to hear. Calling Pearl a hussy Edna storms out. Len goes after his friend and when she tells him that Pearl has turned him against her he tells her that he loves Pearl and she will just have to accept this if they are to remain friends. Edna disappears into house warning Len that she will be proved right about Pearl. In bed, Katie and Robert discuss their future. When Jack sends Victoria into the house to collect Robert she gets the shock of her life when she sees the couple in bed. She tries to tell Jack what she's seen but Robert appears and she clams up. Later, when Robert is supposed to baby-sit while Jack goes out, Victoria says she wants Robert to go and tells Jack that Robert's been naughty. Once Jack has gone Robert speaks to Victoria but when she refuses to keep schtum he tells her that she will have to go away if she ever breathes a word to anyone.


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