As Charity stands anxiously in the dock it looks as if Zoe has decided not to fulfill her promise when she is called to give evidence and is nowhere to be found. But just as the judge suggests they move on, Zoe appears and Charity can barely disguise her relief. Under cross-examination, Zoe confirms that she now believes her brother killed himself. After weighing up the new evidence the judges decide that Charity is free to go. On returning to Emmerdale, Charity wastes no time in visiting The Woolpack to make sure everyone knows she's a free woman again. While in the pub, Tom takes a keen interest in her. Victoria remains silent and can’t even bring herself to choose a cake when Diane tries to tempt her into speaking. Robert confesses to Katie why Victoria is not speaking. Katie goes to see Victoria and tells her that she was just playing with Robert. Scared of their secret being revealed, Katie becomes angry with Victoria and probably does more harm than good. When Katie tells Jack and Diane that Victoria is still not speaking Diane suggests taking her to see the doctor. Robert and Katie are alarmed at this suggestion. Despite agreeing with Emily that there's no real connection between himself and Carrie, Marlon sets off for her house once again. This time he buys her flowers and sits on her doorstep waiting for her to return. When she comes home she reminds him that she said she didn’t want to see him again. Before she goes inside Marlon begs her to let him have ten minutes with her. Carrie refuses and closes the door behind her. Ashley and Laurel have their first fight as a couple when he says he's too tired to join her for the dinner party Nicola has planned.


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