When Emily pleads with Marlon to stay well away from Carrie he becomes angry and refuses to accept that his unwelcome visits could be upsetting Carrie and could land him in trouble. Once again he sets off for Carrie's and invites himself in when she returns from the shops. He offers to cook her lunch and begins to talk to her as if she were Tricia. Seriously alarmed Carrie calls the police who come and remove Marlon from the flat and take him away in the back of a police car as he protests that he meant Carrie no harm. Charity dresses to impress for her first day in her new job as Tom’s secretary. Wearing glasses, she tells Cain that her look is ‘smart but sexy’. At work Charity has to endure the jibes of Jimmy, who asks her not to put cyanide in his coffee. Charity manages to fall out with Jimmy's formidable wife Sadie when she calls and demands to know who she is and how old she is. Jimmy warns Charity that his wife is not to be trifled with. When Jack visits the café and discovers Viv gossiping about Victoria’s silence Jack tells her she is despicable. Meanwhile, Andy tries to coax her into speaking by getting Victoria to help him feed the lambs. Later, Jarvis calls round to the Sugdens to see if he can help. He produces a ventriloquist's dummy called Alfie and introduces it to Victoria. Jack is sceptical, but Jarvis manages to get a smile out of Victoria. Jarvis leaves Alfie behind for Victoria to look after. As plans for the cricket game continue, Ashley confidently practices in his living room, but accidentally injures Ethan's hand.


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