It's the morning of Tricia’s tree planting memorial but as usual Marlon is preoccupied with Carrie and is determined to see her again, despite being removed from her house by the police. With the ceremony underway, Marlon sneaks off to see Carrie. Emily insists on getting in the taxi with him, in the hope she can convince Marlon to leave Carrie alone. Carrie reluctantly agrees to let them in and Emily tries to prove to Marlon that Carrie has nothing in common with Tricia. Eventually Marlon begins to see that he cannot cling to Carrie and begins to understand that Tricia is gone. With Ethan, the Brian Lara of Emmerdale, on the injury list with a broken finger, thanks to Ashley’s ham-fisted batting practise, the prospects of a victory for the Emmerdale team look grim. Paul volunteers to fill in for Ethan. Rodney keeps his plans for the cricket pitch under his hat as Jarvis mutters darkly about keeping the pitch safe from capitalist developers intent on ruining the village way of life. The team may have an additional worry as Diane entrusts the post match lunch to Val. Jack gets a shock when he asks Victoria what she wants for breakfast and she replies through Alfie. Jack is over the moon as he discovers, with Andy’s help, that Victoria will speak to them through the puppet. Robert is alarmed when his dad tells him the good news. When Jack asks Robert to ask Alfie a question Victoria refuses to reply.


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