Jack returns from taking Victoria to the child psychiatrist more worried than he was before he left. Victoria has been diagnosed as having become electively mute in response to a traumatic experience. Not only is he worried about what may have happened to Victoria, he is convinced the psychiatrist suspects him of child abuse. Diane suggests that what they need to do is find out whether anything out of the ordinary happened to Victoria on the day she stopped speaking. When asked Robert says he can’t remember anything unusual happening. At Robert's birthday meal, Jack loses his temper and throws Alfie at the wall when Victoria continues to talk through the dummy. After making their excuses, Robert and Katie head off to the pub and agree that they can’t go on like this and will have to tell Jack the truth. Meanwhile, with the aid of Alfie, Diane is able to coax Victoria into telling her what scared her. Jack is devastated when Diane tells him that Robert has betrayed his brother and scared his sister into keeping quiet about what she saw. Jarvis leads a one-man protest when the Kings turn up with their surveyor to give the newly acquired plot of land the once over. He warns them that they can’t do anything without planning permission and it's not a foregone conclusion that they will get it. In The Woolpack, Jarvis rallies the troops and sets up R.E.A.R (Residents of Emmerdale Against Redevelopment). Jimmy and Carl find this highly amusing but Jarvis is not in the mood to be taken lightly and refuses their offer of a drink. He is also unimpressed by their suggestion that King employees should be more loyal.


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