When Victoria tells Jack she saw Robert kiss Katie and that her brother threatened her to keep quiet about it, Jack is devastated to learn his son has done such a thing. When Robert returns, Jack is furious and punches his son. Robert pleads with his father that Victoria just saw him and Katie having a drunken kiss and says he is prepared to swear on his mother's grave that there is nothing going on between them. Jack sends Diane to fetch Katie so he can hear her side of the story. She sticks to the story Robert gave and pleads with Jack not to tell Andy. Jack says he will give them the benefit of the doubt for Andy's sake but insists that Robert must move back in with him and the two of them should not be allowed to spend time together on their own. Charity panics about Debbie’s whereabouts, fearing that she may have run away, but Zoe turns up with Debbie, having found her at the hospital looking at her baby brother. Zoe tells Charity that she must keep Debbie away from her baby. Charity's concerns for Debbie's whereabouts are soon forgotten as she rows with her daughter about seeing Noah. Later, Ethan returns from The Woolpack to find Debbie on the doorstep of the vicarage. She tells Ethan she remains determined to get her brother back.


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