Robert’s eighteenth birthday is not one he's likely to forget in a hurry. Sporting an impressive looking black eye, he is marched around to the farm by Jack to collect his things. With Donna worried sick about where he's been Robert has some explaining to do. He concocts a story about being out in a club and getting hit by the boyfriend of a girl he was dancing with. Donna feels humiliated when Robert says that he snogged the girl and gives Robert a slap. Robert announces that he is moving out because it's over between him and Donna. Katie manages to convince Donna that she should go home and get away from the farm and her memories of Robert. Andy is confused when Katie tells him they have the place to themselves before making her excuses and leaving. Later, as Robert makes his peace with Victoria, Katie sees him and tells him she misses him. Jack catches them talking and sends Katie away, but Robert finally confesses that he loves her. Jack tells him that he must choose between his family and Katie. Debbie and Ethan spend more time together. Ethan is concerned that Debbie is playing truant, but Debbie assures the curate that she will learn more spending time with him than she will at school. Ethan suggests to Debbie that she writes a letter to Noah and sends it to Zoe, so Noah can read it when he is older and understand that his sister cares for him. Debbie believes it may be in vain because Zoe will just destroy the letter. Ashley tells her Zoe might be more sympathetic than she thinks because she once wrote a letter to Jean when she planned to have her adopted.


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