Jack hopes Robert can put his affair with Katie behind him and gives his son a belated eighteenth birthday present. Robert heeds his dad's advice and decides not to return Katie's calls. Katie is more determined than ever that she and Robert should be together, and tells Chas that she is going to go and see Robert and Jack and lay her cards on the table. Chas advises her not to be so hasty and tells her to that in a month's time she may feel differently about things. Jack is not happy when Katie turns up on the doorstep and demands to speak with him and Robert. Katie tells them that although she loves Andy, she is in love with Robert and that they have planned to be together. Put on the spot, Robert leaves Katie reeling when he announces that he's changed his mind and cannot hurt his family and doesn’t want to be with her. Later Jack tells Katie to work on her marriage, but she confides in Chas that her mind is made up and she can’t go back to Andy because she can no longer look him in the eye. Devious Steph finds herself looking at a spell behind bars if she doesn’t manage to shift the mobile phones she bought with money stolen from Eric before he returns from Japan. When her attempts to sweet talk Shelley into her helping her fail, Steph turns nasty and threatens to blackmail Shelley, telling her that if she gets caught she will tell the police that Shelley was her accomplice. After the village pensioners receive some unwelcome leaflets through the door encouraging them to make their own funeral arrangements, Jarvis unnerves Len and Pearl when he sets about making his own coffin out of MDF. Edna is also shocked when she goes to investigate the sound of sawing and sees coffin shaped pieces of wood stacked up in Jarvis's shed.


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