After failing to stand up to Jack and admit he loves Katie, Robert regrets making a huge mistake. He goes to see Katie in the pub but Diane asks him to leave. Robert hangs around the pub and Katie later agrees to speak with him. She tells Robert that he only really thinks of himself and she's decided to get on with her life and it is definitely over between them. Andy is increasingly unhappy as Katie refuses any kind of intimacy with him. Jack worries that he will work out what's been going on between Katie and his brother. In return for taking the rap over the stolen whisky, Shadrach insists that his every whim is granted during his remaining days of freedom. Not content with taking over Zak and Lisa’s conjugal bed while they sleep on the sofa Shadrach has a final demand. He demands that Zak finds him a hot date for his last night as a free man. Zak attempts to persuade Shelley into an act of kindness for an old man who is down on his luck, but she runs from The Woolpack in horror when she learns that Shadrach is the old man in question. When Eric surprises Steph by turning up at the factory, after returning early from Japan, she decides she has to get rid of the hot mobiles quickly. She turns to Zak for help and asks whether she can store some boxes in his barn. Seeing a golden opportunity Zak says that one favour deserves another and arranges to meet her to discuss what sort of favour she'll have to do in return. Also, at the Dingles, Charity is delighted that Tom has given her a permanent job. Debbie is not impressed and still refuses to have anything to do with her.


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