Knowing that Steph is desperate for somewhere to stash her phones, Zak devises a high-risk strategy to ensure Shadrach gets his wish and spends his last night of freedom with a woman. Zak tells a delighted Shadrach that Steph has agreed to go on a date with him. He then arranges a meeting with Steph to discuss payment for storing her phones. He tells her Shadrach will be the Dingles' representative. Zak then tries to get Shadrach so drunk that he won’t be able to remember whether he's slept with Steph or not. Determined to make the most of what could be his last night of freedom Shadrach dons his best suit and refrains from drinking so that he can savour his night of passion. That evening in The Woolpack, all eyes are on the unlikely pair, as Steph endures Shadrach's innuendos, in the hope that she will be able to cut a deal on the mobile phones. Their tête-à-tête comes to an abrupt end when Shadrach attempts to kiss Steph, who belts him for suggesting they go home together. Later Zak threatens Shadrach when he says his promise to lie in court is off. Charity continues to earn brownie points with Tom by tipping him off that Jarvis has invited the local press to watch their protest over the developments to the cricket pitch. Tom reveals that he's planning to throw a lavish party to try and get the villagers on his side. Much to Jimmy’s annoyance he asks Charity to organise it. Later Cain annoys Charity by hinting that they could plan to rob the King’s safe. After belting randy Shadrach, Steph realises she can no longer keep her hot property in the Dingles’ barn and tries to get Shelley to help her. When Shelley refuses Steph insults her. Alan is furious and goes round to see her at the factory. He has a go at her and drops her in it, revealing her mobile scam to Eric. When Alan is gone Eric demands a cut of Steph's profits or he will throw her out.


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