Having spent the night at Holdgate Farm, Charity is delighted when Tom asks his guest to join him for a spot of breakfast. Jimmy is not happy about his father's breakfast arrangements. As Jimmy complains to his father about how untrustworthy he thinks Charity is she walks into the room and announces that she has a room at the B&B and won’t be taking up anymore of their time. Tom continues to show concern for Charity and gives her the afternoon off to move her things to the B&B. Later Tom berates Jimmy for his mistrust of Charity. Seeing Zoe returning from hospital with baby Christopher, Charity asks to see how her son is. Zoe bites off more than she can chew when she remarks that she has noticed that Charity is trying to get her claws into the new village millionaire. Charity lets Zoe have it with both barrels and leaves her feeling depressed when she tells her that she is just a sad lonely woman. Later Zoe snaps at Scott and pushes him away, later she tells him how lonely she is and admits that she is happy to have him around. In The Woolpack, Charity seeks out Chas and asks her whether she would like to get somewhere to live together. Chas is surprised to learn that she's not moving into Holdgate Farm and is not having an affair with Matthew as Cain believes. Chas is shocked when she works out that it is Tom who is the King in Charity's life. Charity outlines her master plan to Chas telling her that she believes she can make Tom fall for her.


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