Zoe finds herself feeling lonelier than ever after she makes a pass at a woman during the Chamber of Commerce dinner party at Home Farm. Unfortunately for Zoe the woman is straight. Drunk and sorry for herself, Zoe tells Paddy that she is frightened of spending the rest of her life alone. Later, as the guests leave, Zoe asks Scott to be Christopher’s godfather. She tells him how much she really appreciates him and as they kiss Paddy walks in. As Zoe goes to see Jean, who has woken up, Paddy confronts Scott and accuses him of taking advantage of Zoe. Charity continues to make herself useful to the Kings by suggesting they say that the party for the villagers is to celebrate Tom’s 65th birthday. When Tom mentions the reason for the party at the Chamber of Commerce dinner party Eric sees through the ruse and suggests that he thought the party would be an attempt to gain public approval for the development of the cricket pitch. When Charity spreads the word about Tom's birthday it is greeted with cynicism in The Woolpack too. After Chas runs into Carl and his two kids at the farm, they talk about how awful they feel they are at being parents. Chas agrees to meet Carl later for a drink. Before meeting up with Carl, Chas overhears Danny and Syd discussing the fact that they’ve moved in together. With a little help from Diane, who helpfully tells the lads that Chas used to work as a stripper, the lads agree to let her move in. Chas and Carl get drunk in The Woolpack and stagger back to Holdgate Farm together.


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