Delighted by his brother's misfortune, Zak accompanies Shadrach to meet Ethan at the church, where he’ll be doing his community service. Things look up for Shadrach when he discovers the communion wine. Lead by Ethan to believe that he will have Shadrach digging graves Zak returns home to relay the good news to Lisa. As the happy Dingles joke about Shadrach getting his just desserts the old soak returns, and in a drunken slur tells them that the Lord moves in mysterious ways before collapsing on the sofa. Andy demands to know why Katie’s been avoiding him. When Katie avoids the question and rushes out of the house, Andy hurls a mug across the room. Tearful Katie goes to see Chas who advises her to come clean with Andy. But when Andy later catches her packing her bags, she can’t bring herself to tell the truth and lies that she is going to her mum's, so she can revise for exams. Later in the pub, Katie admits to Chas that she bottled out. Chas warns her that if she doesn’t tell him or leave him a note soon, he will find out on the village grapevine. Zoe apologises to Scott for her harsh remarks the day before and Scott suggests that they take Jean out for the day. Unfortunately, the day trip comes to an abrupt end when they stop at the shop to buy some sweets. They run into Chloe in the shop and seeing Scott and Zoe getting on so well, Chloe makes sure that Zoe knows she spent the night with Scott. Zoe storms out of the shop and when they get back to Home Farm she tells Scott that he should keep away from Chloe.


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