Katie finally finds the courage to walk out on Andy and leaves behind a letter. On her way to the station she decides she must say goodbye to Andy face to face. By the time she returns Andy has read the letter and Robert is by his side, after picking up his brother's distraught phone message for Jack. When Katie insists on speaking to Andy alone, Robert refuses to go and tells Katie that they must finally tell Andy the truth. Andy is stunned as Robert tells him that he and Katie are in love. When Ashley and Ethan discover Shadrach weaving erratically about the churchyard in charge of a lawnmower it doesn’t take Ethan long to realise that Shadrach has been helping himself to the communion wine. When Ethan threatens to tell Shadrach's probation officer what he's been up to Shadrach reluctantly agrees to endure some bible study. When Shadrach goes for another crafty swig of communion wine, he finds that the Lord does indeed move in mysterious ways as Ethan has replaced the wine with vinegar. Zoe tells Scott that she and Jean are going away to Brussels to visit an old flame off hers. She insists the trip has nothing to do with getting away from him following their kiss and they part on good terms, but Scott is sad to watch her go and tells her that she must let him know that they’ve arrived safely. Later, in The Woolpack, Scott tells Syd that he is missing Zoe. Syd tells Scott he should get used to her not being around because there's no future in getting involved with Zoe.


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