Unable to believe that Katie has been having an affair with Robert, Andy asks her to tell him it's not true. When Robert insists it is him she loves Andy attacks him. Katie pulls them apart and tells Robert that she's leaving Andy and this has nothing to do with him and he must leave. Robert leaves, but afraid of what Andy might do, waits outside. Andy begs Katie to tell him that Robert meant nothing to her but becomes angry when she cannot. Hearing raised voices Robert returns and takes Katie away as Andy falls to the ground sobbing. As Robert and Katie are about to get in Robert's car, Andy appears behind them with a shotgun and marches them back into the house. With the gun trained on them Andy makes Katie and Robert reveal the details of their affair. He is sickened to realise that they were carrying on behind his back while Robert was living with them. He is even more disgusted to realise the lengths that they have gone to cover up their affair, he realises that Robert has turned him against Daz and threatened Victoria to keep the affair hidden. Meanwhile, Jack returns home to find Andy's distraught message and rushes to the farm and fears the worst as he pulls up with the sound of gunshots coming from the house. Learning that Jack knew about his wife's infidelity Andy rushes from the house and Jack goes after him, finding him with the gun turned on himself. Jack tells Andy that he made a mistake in not telling him about Katie's affair. Jack pleads with Andy not to take his own life and is able to get Andy to give him the gun. Staggering around the graveyard in a drunken stupor, Shadrach takes a tumble into a freshly dug grave. Finding him out cold Ethan fears for his safety and fetches Zak from The Woolpack to help. Zak tells Ethan that Shadrach is indestructible and there's nothing to worry about. To prove his point, Zak chucks a pot of water in Shadrach's face. A drunken Shadrach wakes and Zak and Ethan take him back to the Dingles where he ends up face down in the pigpen. Zak then decides his brother needs hosing down.


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