Furious at Katie’s betrayal, Andy sets about removing every trace of her from his life. Jack is disturbed to find him covered in blood, trying to remove his tattoo of Katie's name. When Jack returns home he is dismayed to find Robert and Katie there and tells them to leave the village. As they drive off they come across a bloodied Andy, who demands to know why she took Robert's necklace but not the one he gave her? Robert decides he won’t be driven from the village and Alan reluctantly allows them to stay in separate rooms at the B&B. When Donna goes in search of Katie and discovers blood in the sink, shotgun cartridges on the floor and a hole blasted in the wall, she returns to the café in a panic. Fearing the worst Donna heads to the pub and finds Andy, still covered in blood, at the bar. As Donna asks him to tell her what's been going on, Katie and Robert sheepishly enter the pub. Andy stuns the crowded pub by announcing that his wife has been sleeping with his brother. Donna is furious to hear that she has been betrayed and tries to attack Katie. When Lisa shows off her new dress that she's bought for Tom’s party, Sam tells her and Zak that the invites have already been sent out and they’ve not been invited because Charity doesn’t want them showing her up. Incensed at Charity's ingratitude, Zak takes matters into his own hands and with Sam's helps dumps a steaming pile of pig manure on the border between his property and the King's place. Jimmy finds Charity's plight highly amusing but Charity convinces Tom she can get Zak to remove the dung before the party.


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