Dressed to kill, Donna goes to see Robert at the garage, looking for some answers. When Robert callously makes sure that Donna knows she meant nothing to him Donna takes her revenge. Leaving Robert rolling around on the floor in agony after kneeing him where it hurts Donna goes to commiserate with Andy with a couple of bottles of wine. Andy unnerves Donna by talking about killing Robert. When Donna decides it's time to leave. Andy makes a pass at her and Donna leaves in tears. Andy chases after her trying to apologise but Donna has already gone. When Zak tips off the Council about Charity’s plans to run a casino at Tom’s party, the pressure is on Charity to sort her relative out once and for all. Thinking fast Charity asks Matthew whether he has a friend who could pose as an environmental health officer and get Zak to shift the manure. Her plan works a treat and once more Charity wins some brownie points with Tom. Still looking for somewhere to live Charity persuades Chas to let her share her room provided they can get Syd and Danny to agree to the arrangement. The two crafty Dingles use their feminine wiles to ensure that the lads are up for the proposal. As soon as the girls mention taking baths together and parading around in their underwear the gullible boys have a change of heart.


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Memorable dialogue

Robert Sugden: (to Scott Windsor) "You and your step-sister and a drunk schizophrenic lesbian vet. I reckon that scores more in the sicko stakes, don't you?"

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