The effort that Charity has put into organising Tom’s party has not gone unnoticed. First Tom invites her out to lunch and then Matthew surprises her with a thank you present. With Tom firmly in her sights Charity turns Matthew's offer of drink down. Later Matthew has a heart to heart with his dad and Tom reveals that he does indeed have feelings for Charity. Charity is delighted that two of the Kings are interested in her, but she tells Chas that Tom is the man for her. Jimmy hears from his wife Sadie that she will be home in time for his dad's party. After being mistreated by both Andy and Robert in the past twenty-four hours, Donna is convinced that all men are pigs. Terry is the first in the firing line as Donna takes out her anger on the customers at the café. Later in The Woolpack, Donna is upset to find Andy, Robert and Katie in the pub. When Andy attempts to apologise to her for his drunken pass she pours a pint over his head and storms out. Andy goes after her and apologies and the two of them are friends again. Louise returns and quickly reverses Diane’s decision to rehire Chas by firing her again. Finding herself desperately short-staffed Louise hires Val and Terry, both of whom Diane has decided not to employ in the past. When Chas returns to the pub with Carl in tow Louise is not impressed. Sharing a keen interest in local events Louise and Val soon hit it off.


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