Jack remains unconscious and the doctors don’t know whether he’ll pull through. Robert and Andy both stick to their story that the shooting happened accidentally and the police release them for now. When Andy arrives at the hospital to find Robert at Jack's bedside, Robert tells him to get out and bitterly remarks that it wasn’t enough for Andy to kill his mother he had to kill his dad too. Later Andy and Robert realise how stupid they’ve been and Robert accepts that he's also to blame for Jack's plight. Andy apologises to Robert and the brothers embrace. Dawn and Terry are on better terms again and TJ spends the day with his dad. After TJ has gone home Louise calls on Terry. Upset by what's happened to Jack, Louise agrees with Terry that you have to make the most of good things while you can and shocks Terry by telling him that she's loved him since he returned from Spain with Dawn. Terry tells Louise that the timing of her confession is really bad but they kiss. As they kiss, Bob is about to knock at the door and seeing them kiss walks away in surprise. After their kiss Terry asks Louise to go. Donna gets a call from Andy at the police station with a message for Daz and Donna promptly tells everyone in the café that Jack has been shot dead. Fortunately Siobhan is in the café and can put everyone straight on Jack's condition. Donna goes over what's happened with Marlon at The Woolpack. Marlon lends a sympathetic ear and tells Donna that's she been through a bad time and she's been treated badly by Katie and Robert. When Marlon lays a comforting hand on her, she misconstrues the gesture.


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