Diane keeps vigil at unconscious Jack’s bedside, Jack opens his eyes telling him upbeat stories about her travels. She becomes emotional when she realises they never got round to planning their wedding as he lies motionless beside her. But her tears turn to hope as a doctor suddenly ushers her out of the room telling her Jack has begun to stir. Meanwhile, the police hover in the corridor waiting to pounce on Jack to grill him about the suspicious circumstances surrounding the shooting. Still groggy and weak, Jack slowly opens his eyes to see Diane who is overcome with joy as he gradually comes round. Meanwhile, Andy and Robert wait patiently in the wings not knowing how Jack will react when the reality of the situation hits home. Jack finally asks to see Andy and asks everybody to leave the room. Andy is apprehensive as Jack tells him he knows he didn’t pull the trigger by accident and demands to know what happened. Meanwhile, luckless Donna has taken a shine to Marlon and hatches a plan to bag her man. However, Marlon doesn’t feel the same way and it appears she has got the wrong end of the stick again. But how will the troubled chef shake off his new admirer? Having agreed to take TJ for the day, Terry quickly becomes frustrated when the baby won’t stop crying – so much for quality time with his son. Exhausted, Terry feels deflated as he gives his son back after a stressful day.


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