Knowing full well why he's lying in hospital recovering from a gunshot wound, Jack demands the truth from Andy. Andy's reluctant confession that he meant to kill Robert leaves Jack silently furious. Andy flees the hospital and confides in Daz that he feels that Jack is going to make sure he gets what he deserves by sending him to jail. Diane is shocked by Jack's fury and asks him whether he could really send his own son to prison. Jack says that he can’t see Andy go unpunished for trying to murder his own brother. Paddy congratulates Marlon on getting himself off the hook with Donna. Unfortunately for Marlon his attempt to nip Donna's infatuation in the bud have backfired and Donna visits him at The Woolpack in another skimpy outfit. Viv’s disapproval of Donna's dalliance with a Dingle has also backfired and has only served to fuel Donna's infatuation with the reluctant chef. Marlon is forced to feign a migraine in order to escape Donna's attentions for an hour. When she see her daughter flaunting herself in Marlon's direction Viv is furious. When Nicola indiscreetly returns Val's bracelet, which she left behind in Rodney’s bathroom, in earshot of the locals at The Woolpack, it can only be a matter of time before news of the latest instalment of their affair is all round the village. Danny overhears Nicola and Val's exchange and is unimpressed but not surprised when he tackles Rodney about it over a pint. Val corners Rodney and says it's time they put Diane in the picture. Rodney wants to keep a lid on things until Diane is less worried about Jack.


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