Terry is full of enthusiasm for his plan of sharing joint custody of TJ with Dawn. After they sit down with Terry's solicitor it becomes clear that Dawn's not at all keen. She tells Terry that her joint custody means that she’ll have to ask Terry about every little thing to do with TJ and they will be like being married to him again. Angry Terry goes round to see Bob and asks him to make Dawn see things from his point of view. Terry insults Bob by suggesting that he let Dawn's mother walk all over him when it came to custody of his daughter. Marlon’s plans to let Donna down gently end in fiasco. When Donna invites herself into the kitchen at The Woolpack and tells Marlon that although they are both shy they could be good together she makes the mistake of saying that she could never replace Tricia. Marlon tells Donna no one can replace Tricia and if Donna was the last girl in the world he wouldn’t go out with her. Donna is devastated. Marlon later call round to apologise, but Donna is deeply depressed and Marlon's apology does not go down well. The police call round to see Andy at Butler's Farm. They are frustrated as they inform him that Jack’s statement corroborated their story and they have insufficient evidence to prove intent to murder. However it is obvious they don’t believe the shooting was an accident and try one last time to get Andy to confess, asking him is there is anything he would like to get off his chest. Andy is sickened by the truth, but tells the police he has nothing further to add.


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