Charity is delighted to be invited to dinner with some of Tom’s friends. Charity is well and truly set-up when Sadie primes the conservative guests on the finer points of Charity's past. When Mrs Sutton, one of the guests, probes Charity about her past the fiery Dingle takes the bait and tells her the truth about her life and the truth about Carl’s sham marriage. Having warned Charity about his guests Tom is furious, and much to Sadie's amusement, the couple row and Charity storms out of Holdgate Farm. At Home Farm, Scott has been eagerly awaiting Zoe’s return from Brussels, but when she takes delight in telling him how much fun she had with ex-girlfriend Callie in the karaoke bars of Belgium, Scott's feelings are hurt. In a fit of pique Scott tells Zoe that he's been letting his hair down with Chloe. Zoe is angry that he is still seeing Chloe and the warmth between them quickly evaporates. Wracked with guilt for failing to let Donna down gently Marlon decides to make amends for his error. Unfortunately he enlists the help of Val and soon finds himself employing the romantic talents of Danny, who agrees to go on a date with Donna as long as Marlon covers his expenses! Donna and Danny enjoy a boozy evening in The Woolpack. After telling Danny that he needs a fall guy for his smuggling operation Rodney draws Zak into his plan to smuggle a rare grape vine that he wants to use in his vineyards out of Chile.


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