Zoe decides to give Scott a really hard time after seeing him smuggle Chloe into his flat the previous evening. She informs him that he has to collect her car before breakfast. Later, tired of being mistreated by the woman he loves Scott heads to The Woolpack. When Zoe turns up in search of Scott, Syd tells her to stop giving Scott a hard time. When Zoe asks why Syd hesitantly reveals that Scott has feelings for her. Zoe takes Scott home and he confesses that he has feelings for her. Zoe says she would like them to be together but they must take it slowly. When Lisa overhears Val boasting to Viv in the shop about Rodney’s plans to name his new wine after her Lisa is instantly suspicious when Val mentions having to procure the vine from Chile. As Val leaves the shop Lisa quizzes her about the vine and Val immediately spills the beans, telling her that getting hold of the vine is actually illegal and Rodney has someone who is going to help him smuggle it into the country. Lisa is livid when she puts two and two together. When Lisa presents Sam with what she's figured out he's unable to deny that Lisa is right. Edna gets more than a she bargained for when she takes Tootsie for a walk in the woods and comes across Carl and Chas canoodling against a tree. When Chas gives Edna a piece of her mind Edna marches off and returns with two police officers. When Chas gets mouthy with them the officers decide that a trip down the station is in order.


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