As a glamorous Nicola sets off for her school reunion with Syd in tow, intent of provoking envy among her former classmates, Simon wants a quiet word with Rodney about his daughter. Rodney is delighted when Simon asks him for Nicola's hand in marriage. Unfortunately for Simon The Woolpack is not the ideal place for a discreet chat with his prospective father-in-law and soon the champagne is flowing and half of the village know about Simon's plans to pop the question. Nicola and Syd have a great time at the school reunion. Syd thinks that Nicola has been coming on to him and makes a pass at her. Simon is in for a shock when he goes to greet Nicola on her return and witnesses her having an altercation with Syd as they get out of the taxi. Having heard most of what was said between the arguing pair Simon waits until Syd has gone and then mentions to Nicola that he saw her get out of the taxi. Nicola doesn’t take the opportunity to explain what's been going on but tries to seduce a horrified Simon. Diane and Jack decide to set a date for their wedding. Diane invites Robert over to celebrate but when Robert asks about Katie, Diane tells him not to push it. When she finds Katie talking to Victoria outside the shop Diane tells her to keep away from her. The pair have a run in at the pub when Diane finds Katie doing her revision when she's supposed to be working. Knowing where's she's not wanted Katie decides to quit her job. Viv and Charity give Zoe a hard time about her relationship with Scott. Charity hits a raw nerve when she tells Zoe that she's really only interested in Scott because she wants to have a family and respectability not because she's interested in Scott.


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