Katie tells Chas that she can’t go on living in the village when everyone hates her, so she's decided to leave. Chas says she should ask Robert to go away with her. Katie broaches the subject of moving away with Robert, but when he says that he wants to stay in the village to work things out with his dad, Katie realises that he's not prepared to leave. She tells him she loves him and returns to the caravan to pack her bags. Robert is heartbroken when he finds the letter. When Robert arrives at Jack’s, Jack tells him that Katie's going is for the best. Still reeling from seeing Nicola with Syd, Simon mopes around the village not knowing what to do with himself. He confides in Paddy that he knows Nicola has many faults but until now he's been prepared to overlook them but he's not sure he can overlook the events of last night. When Nicola finds the two of them having a heart to heart in the pub she is nonplussed when Simon tells her he has to take his mum to the bingo and quickly gets up and leaves. Laurel makes the mistake of admitting to Nicola that her and Ashley have not yet slept together. Ever tactful Nicola assures Laurel that Ashley wasn’t so slow off the mark when he was with Louise or Bernice. Later, Laurel tells Ashley that she sometimes feels lonely in the house at night and would like some company. Taking the hint Ashley invites her to spend the night at the vicarage. As they watch a romantic film it looks as they are about to get intimate when Ethan comes and announces that he's invited his fiancé to come and stay next week. Val offers to sell Rodney's new wine in the pub. Zoe and Scott have a day out with the kids.


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