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Nicola’s belief that Simon is about to propose is confirmed when the fishmonger puts aside his doubts and pops the question. Their joy is short-lived as the couple have a major row. Nicola puts on her best dress to go to the pub and tells Simon she was planning to save it for his charity do the following night. When Simon reminds her he's taking his mum Nicola says she thought he was joking. Simon brings up Nicola taking Syd to her school reunion and wants to know why if he's not good enough for that do how can she assume that he must take her to his do? Simon tells Nicola that he can’t marry someone who's ashamed him. Laurel causes trouble for Ashley when she tells Nicola about their night of passion. Within seconds of promising not to tell anyone Nicola tells Val who is desperate to pass on the latest bit of village gossip. With everyone else behind the bar too busy to stop and listen Val makes the mistake of telling Edna. Edna confronts Ashley in the street and threatens to write to the bishop if she hears anymore about his fornication. Eric has had enough of his place being transformed into Steph’s boudoir and is delighted to learn from Shelley that the B&B is particularly quiet at the moment. When Eric returns home from work he presents Steph with some bin liners and tells her that she has an hour to pack her bags. Shelley has to admit to Alan that she mentioned to Eric that the B&B was quiet at the moment.


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  • A couple who greet Ashley and Ethan are uncredited despite a line of dialogue.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 6,009,000 viewers (27th place).
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