Nicola attempts to talk to Simon but he is not interested in listening to her. Upset, Nicola tells Rodney the engagement is off. Rodney goes ballistic when her hears the full story. He tells Nicola he can’t believe how badly she's treated Simon. Nicola manages to fall out with Emily when she tries to offer her some friendly advice. Nicola then accuses Laurel of telling Simon about her taking Syd to the school reunion. Laurel tells her that she didn’t betray her confidence and that she can no longer be friends with her after she gossiped about her relationship with Ashley. Debbie is upset when she walks in on Ethan and Ashley discussing her brother's christening. Later, Ashley asks Zoe to invite Debbie to Christopher’s christening. Zoe reluctantly agrees to think about. Debbie goes to confront Charity about the christening. Charity's response is to offer Debbie money to buy a christening present. Disgusted Debbie turns her down. Sadie overheard their row and later approaches Debbie and offers her sympathy and some money to buy a christening present. Charity is not amused when she finds out. In the café, Eric makes a big deal about enjoying having his place to himself again. Steph is not convinced when she finds him in The Woolpack drinking alone and suggests that he's lonely now that he's living by himself again. Eric dismisses her suggestion as nonsense.


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