When Rodney catches Nicola feeling sorry for herself he tells her that if she wants to win Simon back she must do something about it. She decides a party is the answer. Having made herself deeply unpopular in the village, Nicola has her work cut out trying to persuade her former friends to come. Meanwhile, Rodney invites Simon over, telling him that although he's split up with Nicola he’d still like to be his friend. Simon is shocked when he arrives and finds Nicola's party in full swing. Nicola calls for the silence and admits to everyone exactly how awful she's been. Debbie sees Scott in the car outside the post office with her baby brother in the back. She asks to hold the baby and takes him out of the car as Scott protests. Zoe comes out of the post office with Ashley and sees what's going on. She tells Ashley that she's made her mind up - Debbie will not be getting an invite to the christening. Later, Ethan tells Debbie that a church service is open to the public and if she feels like attending the christening then that is all right by him. When Tom catches Charity and Sadie arguing about the money Sadie leant to Debbie he suggests that the pair of them go out on a ‘clear the air’ shopping spree. Charity is not happy… Later she overhears Sadie on the phone talking about the honeymoon suite in a hotel and asking the person on the other end to call her on her mobile. Charity immediately concludes that Sadie is having an affair. In fact Sadie is making a booking on Tom's behalf after he asked her to pull strings at the hotel so he could take Charity away.


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