A delighted Charity tells Chas she thinks she's got Sadie right where she wants her because she believes she's having an affair behind Jimmy’s back. Meanwhile, Sadie lays a trap for Charity. While Charity innocently asks Jimmy about going away with Sadie, his wife is busy removing £200 in cash from the safe in the office and planting it in Charity's bag. When Matthew notices that the money is missing, Charity is soon in the frame. Tom can’t understand why Charity would steal from him, but even he is suspicious. When Debbie turns up at Christopher’s christening, Scott objects to her being there but Ethan stands up for her saying that she's come to celebrate her brother's baptism. After the service Debbie gives Zoe a present and a letter for Christopher. Grudgingly Zoe accepts the gifts. Later Zoe tells Scott that she had a half-brother who died before she had a chance to get to know him properly. She admits that Debbie should be part of Christopher's life. Zoe thanks Scott his support but again she shies away when Scott kisses her. Nicola is pleased that Simon has decided to forgive her and make a go of their relationship. She promises Rodney that she’ll do her best not to lose Simon again. When she encounters Simon's mother, Lesley, for the first time it is probably a relief for Nicola that Simon wants to put their plans for marriage on ice for a while. Leslie is woman who likes to speak to her mind. She immediately decides that Nicola is the shy and retiring type and asks her whether she's a limp lettuce!


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