When Tom finds Charity in the office taking the safe keys from her bag he is suspicious but doesn’t tell her about the missing money. Charity demands to know what's going on. She is furious when she realises that the finger of suspicion is pointing at her. She tells Tom that if he can’t trust her then that's the end of her job and their relationship. Realising Sadie’s set her up, Charity seeks revenge. In The Woolpack, she accuses Sadie of having an affair. Charity is mortified when Tom reveals Sadie was booking the hotel room for them. Debbie is delighted when Zoe agrees to let her see her half-brother. Zoe tells her that she can only see him at Home Farm with her permission and she can’t let any other members of her family see him. Debbie thanks Ethan for giving her a lift to Home Farm and gives him a peck on the cheek. Feeling good about herself for having done the right thing Zoe tells Scott not to give her a hard time when he tells her that he wants to sleep together. Zoe again tells him that she has to wait until the time is right. Scott is not entirely convinced by this explanation. After using her considerable powers of persuasion to convince Rodney to give her a job at the Antiques Barn, Donna impresses on her first day by selling Simon a pair of antique earrings for his mum after Danny, trying to impress Donna, fails to sell him a valuable antique tea pot. Danny is not happy at being upstaged by his new assistant. When Edna and Len fall out over a snide remark Edna made an about Pearl, Len is sharp with Edna. Feeling about being harsh with Edna when she's a bit under the weather Len confides in Jarvis. Jarvis offers him a bottle of Thazakerley's Old Time Remedy to give to Edna, promising that it will get rid of her cough in no time.


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